Supporting Teacher-Leaders

CREATE is recruiting, supporting, and retaining experienced educators positioned to develop new teachers while reimagining their own practices in their schools.


Tracey Penley - APS Educator, 2020 Georgia Teacher of the Year & CREATE Mentor


Kamilah Pettway - APS Educator, 2019-20 APS Middle School Teacher of the Year & CREATE Mentor

CREATE provides professional development to experienced educators that support the CREATE new teachers within their schools. These educators received specialized training to:

  • Enhance reflection and collaboration around their own culturally-based classroom practices
  • Strengthen their mentoring of CREATE new teachers.

Cooperating Teacher Tranining

Cooperating Teacher (CT) Training - equips experienced educators working in CREATE schools to support year 1 residents completing their teaching practicum (student teaching) towards improvement in: professionalism, instructional skills, planning skills, assessment skills, and collaboration/reflection skills. Beginning the Summer prior to the start of the school year and throughout the year, CTs engage in approx. 35 hours of professional learning. 

35 hours = 30 hours of workshops + 5 hours of coaching calls  

School Based Mentor Training

School Based Mentor (SBM) Training equips experienced educators to guide year 2 and year 3 resident (full-time classroom teachers) in mastering: professional practice, development of a growth mindset, and skills for well-being. Beginning the Summer prior to the start of the school year and continuing throughout the year, SBMs  engage in approx. 25 hours of professional learning.

25 hours = 21 hours of workshops + 4 hours of coaching calls 



Teacher Support and Coaching Endorsement Courses

Teacher Support and Coaching Endorsement Courses - The goal of this coursework is to train experienced teachers to mentor and support novice teachers and to supervise student teachers.

This endorsement program is designed to assist Teacher Support and Coaching candidates (TSC) in the acquisition of skills and competencies necessary to meet the needs and concerns of beginning teachers, student teachers, and teacher interns. Experienced educators that complete the Teacher Support and Coaching Endorsement are qualified to supervise pre-service teachers completing clinical practice requirements, to mentor interns or induction-phase teachers, to guide practicums, and to support other professional learning experiences for teachers.  

This coursework is designed and facilitated by Georgia State University.  


Additionally, experienced educators in CREATE schools are invited to participate in community-wide professional learning experiences, that center:

These learning opportunities are similar to that experienced by our new teachers and then, if interested, offer the opportunity to progress further in one or both areas as they serve as leaders in their schools, attend national conferences, etc.