Engaging Radical Collaboration

CREATE is creating and studying our third-space teacher education design that includes authentic partnerships and shared learning between universities, districts and communities.

Many have written about the gap between research and practice (Ebby, 2000) and, regrettably, universities and schools/districts are often framed as oppositional to one another (Flessner, 2014). With this in mind, CREATE is developing a “third space” aimed at organizational reform—a space designed to engage teacher preparation and induction organizations in collective, sustained reflection in order to re-imagine and reform teacher education. CREATE brings together university faculty, district/school leaders, and community members involved in the education of students for sustained and deep (re)consideration of the work each does.

  • Redefining roles and determining structures to make possible the documentation and sharing of our learning from cross-organizational curricular planning and implementation of programming
  • Conducting research summits that span our external quantitative evaluation team, our GSU qualitative evaluation team, our staff and stakeholders
  • Presenting at cross-organizational conference
  • Making its publications available to the public.
  • Conducting Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles and other forms of action research guided by our researchers at GSU and Empirical Education
  • Create conditions for -
    • co-designing and/or facilitation of monthly equity-centered cohort meetings for new teachers, Summer Resident Academies
    • articulating/developing community-engaged goals/work across the residency