CREATE Teacher Residency


A critically-conscious, compassionate and skilled educator for every student


To build and nurture a thriving community of educators committed to practices of teaching that prioritize racial justice and interrupt inequities


We work with talented, diverse and committed teachers-in-training who want to work in schools of historically underserved communities with the goal of increasing student engagement and flourishing.

Professional Learning

Through instructional mentoring, school-based mentoring, cohort gatherings, retreats and programming our residents and the experienced educators that support them increase their effectiveness, reduce stress and promote well-being.


We are proud to foster partnerships between public charter and traditional neighborhood schools in and around the Maynard Jackson cluster of the Atlanta Public Schools.


What We Do

CREATE is a unique collaborative comprised of both traditional neighborhood and charter public schools, as well as universities and a school district that utilizes the practices of Equity-Centered Critical Friendship, CBCT (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training), and mentoring in an effort to train and support new teachers and provide experienced educators opportunities for professional learning and teacher- leadership.

Impacts 2015-2019


Current residents recommend CREATE


Residents committed to teaching next year


Residents who take jobs in Georgia public schools upon receiving their degree from GSU

What our School Leaders are saying...

“The CREATE teachers in my building are some of the most skilled teachers we have.”

-CREATE School Principal, 2019

“CREATE residents have been trained with a level of support rarely seen for new teachers. Hiring a CREATE resident means hiring a candidate with a strong growth mindset, well-developed early-career skills, and a sense of urgency to be their best for students each day.

-Ryan Free, Assistant Principal, Kindezi Old Fourth Ward

“I value the yearlong experience [CREATE residents have] had alongside an excellent practitioner coupled with lots of opportunities to plan, execute and reflect on their own teaching and learning.’

-David White, Principal - Burgess Peterson Academy