What We Do

CREATE helps schools to help teachers succeed by:

Addressing Systemic Teacher Induction Challenges

Train New Teachers

We train new teachers using a three-year, comprehensive support system designed to increase teacher effectiveness and retention

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Teacher Residency - We seek  to attract talented, diverse, and committed prospective teachers to work in schools of historically underserved communities within and around the Maynard Jackson cluster of Atlanta Public Schools. Over the course of three year, we offer new teachers a comprehensive support system aimed at increasing teacher effectiveness and retention. Our teacher residency is similar to the medical residency model and only accepts Georgia State University bachelors or masters degree students from the CEHD who are willing to commit to our three year model.   

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Summer Resident Academy (SRA) -is a 5-week intensive new teacher training academy that takes place the summer between graduating from Georgia State University College of Education and Human Development and the first year of teaching. Our vision is for a cohort of beginning teachers who, empowered by their knowledge and experiences, enter their first year of teaching confident and prepared to lead each student to academic and social emotional success starting the first day of school.

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Develop Teacher Leaders

We foster the development of teacher-leadership through equity-centered, collaborative and reflective professional learning.

Professional Learning Experiences Open to CREATE and Non-CREATE Educators

Equity Centered Critical Friendship (ECCF) Institute is a 4-day immersive institute where participants encounter what it looks, feels and sounds like to be a part of a community of practitioners fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence.

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Cultivating Equity Leadership Retreat is a 2-day leader retreat designed to cultivate an equitable and compassionate leadership perspective in collaboration with an ongoing community of educators focused on accountability and a holistic framework for understanding educational equity.

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Equity Facilitation Fellowship is an 8-month leadership and facilitation development program.  

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Presence, Power and Impact is a 4-day interactive institute during which participants will explore how practices of compassion and discernment enhance their presence, power and impact.

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Professional Learnings Open only to CREATE Educators

Equity Based iGroup Facilitators Training is a 5-day training designed to assist teams of educators with developing their capacity to identify inequities and interrupt racism.

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Cooperating Teacher (CT) Training equips experienced educators working in CREATE schools to support year 1 residents completing their teaching practicum (student teaching) towards improvement in: professionalism, instructional skills, planning skills, assessment skills, and collaboration/reflection skills.  CT Training is delivered in several sessions totaling over 23 hours in length, beginning the summer prior to the start of the school and continuing throughout the year.

School Based Mentor (SBM) Training equips experienced educators to guide year 2 and year 3 resident (full-time classroom teachers) in mastering: professional practice, development of a growth mindset, and skills for well-being. SBM Training is delivered in several sessions totaling over 12 hours in length, beginning the summer prior to the start of the school and continuing throughout the year.

School Reform Initiative (SRI) Fall Meeting is 3-day gathering of educators from around the world, coming together in community to share questions about their practice and learn from close, public examination of their work.  At Fall Meeting, participants engage with others in professional collaboration, equity-centered practices and reflective discourse using SRI protocols and resources!

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Professional Learning Facilitators Training Each year, experienced educators from across our partner schools have the opportunity to become certified facilitators for professional learning in the areas of Presence, Power, Impact; Equity-Centered Critical Friendship (ECCF); and Equity-Based iGroup.

Address systemic teacher induction challenges

We address systemic teacher induction challenges by bringing together school districts and universities to re-imagine and reform teacher education.


Induction Organization Collaborative (IOC) - Induction Organizations’ Collaborative (IOC) is a group that gathers to engage in collective, sustained reflection to address chronic, systemic problems related to new teacher induction, and in turn re-imagine teacher education in Atlanta. The members of the IOC include representatives from APS central office, CREATE schools, CREATE, GSU’s College of Education and Human Development, and community partners.  The IOC meets nine times per year to discuss the ways in which new teachers can be most effectively inducted into the field of teaching.


CREATE School Leaders' Retreat has been designed for Executive Directors, Heads of Schools, Principals, Assistant Principals, and other administrative leaders of CREATE schools. The retreat is a half-day gathering for fellowship, refreshment, and strategic consultation on issues related to teacher preparation and support facing their schools and communities.