Summer Resident Academy

Summer Resident Academy is a 5-week intensive new teacher training academy that takes place the summer between graduating from Georgia State University College of Education and Human Development and the first year of teaching. We believe that teaching practice, with the first attempts closely monitored by expert instructional coaches, will yield more effective teaching, a greater sense of success with teaching, and better conditions for relationship building in the classroom.

Vision Statement

A cohort of beginning teachers who, empowered by their knowledge and experiences, enter their first year of teaching confident and prepared to lead each student to academic and social emotional success starting the first day of school.

Content Strands

Opening School Experience

Residents prepare and practice lessons to create a safe, welcoming, culturally responsive classroom.

Skill Building - think “Teacher Toolbox”

Residents learn research-based instructional skills that contribute to joyful, high achieving, compassionate classrooms.

Curriculum and Assessment

Residents plan, implement and assess the effects of a rigorous, standards-based curriculum and practice assessment techniques to enhance student learning.

Focus on Identity, Race and Equity

Residents grow awareness of what the inequities in our schools look/sound/feel like and develop readiness and willingness to examine their own identity, potential biases, and roles in perpetuating inequities.


Residents learn and practice strategies for maintaining mental and physical health and learn the importance of prioritizing self-care.


Residents grow their repertoire of strategies and techniques for classroom and personal organization, communication and collaboration.


1 - Draw on residents’ years of pre-service coursework and field experience to support a successful transition into the first six weeks of teaching.
2 - Offer residents time, space and tools to strategically prepare for the demands of the first six weeks of teaching.
3 - Offer residents time, space and tools to explore the impacts of identity on ourselves, others and the systems in which teachers work.
4 - Lead summer school students to meaningful, ambitious outcomes to increase access and opportunity for each student.
5 - Develop a deeper sense of community across their cohort.

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