Equity-focused Professional Learning

CREATE currently offers 2 types of Equity-Focused Professional Learning opportunities to all the experienced educators across our partner schools.

Equity-Centered Critical Friendship (ECCF)

Equity-Centered Critical Friendship (ECCF) is a 4-day institute for individuals and school teams who are new to equity-centered critical friendship and wish to:

  • Commit to teaching for social justice and building racial equity in our classrooms, schools and communities.
  • Experience what it looks, sounds, and feels like to be a part of a transformational learning community fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence.
  • Explore the tools, dispositions and skills that are at the heart of equity-centered, collaborative and reflective practice.
  • Consider how equity-centered critical friendship can support CREATE educators and schools.
SRI Winter Meeting 2016 -1

This work is done in partnership with the School Reform Initiative (SRI), whose mission is to create transformational learning communities that are fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence.

Equity-Based iGroup Facilitator's Training

Equity-Based iGroup Facilitator's Training is 5-day training designed to assist teams of educators with developing their capacity to identify inequities and interrupt racism. An “iGroup” is an individual inquiry group of professionals who are committed to interrupt and improve inequitable experiences and outcomes for the students they serve by examining and transforming their own practice. Based on a foundation of Critical Friendship, iGroup positions participants with building their understandings and skills necessary for facilitating courageous conversations about race in your school and beyond.

  • This training is specifically geared to prepare participants to
    • Facilitate an iGroup of peers.
    • Lead and facilitate professional learning spaces committed to equity.


​This work is done in partnership with San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools (SFCESS), whose mission is to interrupt and transform current and systemic educational inequities to ensure all students have access to personalized, equitable and high performing schools that believe and demonstrate each student can, should and will succeed.