Strengthen cross-organizational teacher induction programming

We address systemic teacher induction challenges by bringing together school districts and universities to re-imagine and reform teacher education.

Induction Organization Collaborative (IOC) -  a group that gathers to engage in collective, sustained reflection to address chronic, systemic problems related to new teacher induction, and in turn re-imagine teacher education in Atlanta. The members of the IOC include representatives from APS central office, CREATE schools, CREATE, GSU’s College of Education and Human Development, and community partners.  The IOC meets nine times per year to discuss the ways in which new teachers can be most effectively inducted into the field of teaching.


CREATE School Leaders' Retreat has been designed for Executive Directors, Heads of Schools, Principals, Assistant Principals, and other administrative leaders of CREATE schools. The retreat is a half-day gathering for fellowship, refreshment, and strategic consultation on issues related to teacher preparation and support facing their schools and communities.